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How to install Obituary Assistant on your GoDaddy website.

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Use our Javascript Plugin to install Obituary Assistant on GoDaddy. Sign up and follow these steps:

Create Your Obituaries Page

Create your obituaries page. We suggest the url, “/obituaries/” as in “”.

  • Next to “Site Navigation”
  • Click the plus “Add Page”
  • Under “Page Title”
  • Add the “Page Title”, we suggest “Obituaries”
  • Click “Create Page”
You are ready for the next step: Tell us About Your Page and Copy the Code

Tell Us About Your Page, Copy the Code

Log in to Obituary Assistant to tell us about the obituaries page you created and to copy the code that you will paste into your page.

Tell Us About Your Page

Once logged in, navigate to:

Main Menu >> Obituary Integration Into Your Website >> Obituary URL

Enter your url to the page you created above. Once you click outside of the field ‘Obituary URL’ field, your information will be saved.

Copy the Code

On this page, copy “Your Code” by clicking on the “Copy Code” button. See example screenshot on the right.

You are ready for the next step: Add the Code to Your Page

Add the Code To Your Page

  • Click “Add Section”
  • Search for “HTML”
  • Click “Add”
  • Click on the “HTML Widget”
  • Under “Custom Code”
  • Copy and paste “Your Code” from your Obituary Assistant account
  • Leave the “Forced Height Empty”
  • Click “Done”

You are ready for the next step: Entering and Managing Obituaries

Entering and Managing Obituaries

You will enter and manage obituaries on your Administration page. This link also appears at the bottom of your obituaries page.

When obituaries are entered, they automatically appear on your website.

Need Help?

Contact us if you have questions or need help with installation.

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