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Our API makes it easy to add obituaries from your application into Obituary Assistant.

Once your obituaries have been added, you can use our plugin to display, manage, and monetize them.


Add Obituaries

The Obituary Assistant API is a free REST web service that lets you automate the adding of obituaries.

You can use our API to add obituaries from existing applications such as:

  • case management software for funeral homes
  • newspapers that capture obituaries offline
  • any application that needs to add obituaries in an automated/programmatic way

The Obituary Assistant API lets the following information to be sent as part of each obituary:

  • the life story/main obituary text
  • birth and death dates
  • pictures and video
  • services such as visitation, church, burial
  • condolences

Each obituary is passed to us by making a simple call to an API endpoint. 


Display, Manage, and Monetize Your Obituaries

Once your obituaries have been added, you can use the Obituary Assistant plugin to:

  • Display them on any website
  • Edit and update them through an online Admin interface
  • Earn additional money
  • Have visitors pay when they enter a new obituary
Earn Money

Get Started!

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