Frequently Asked Questions

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Using Obituary Assistant

Yes, Obituary Assistant is free and can be used on any website that publishes obituaries including funeral homes, pet cremation facilities, and newspapers.

Login to Obituary Assistant Admin.

Click Add Obituary and then enter the information. When you have added an obituary, it will automatically appear on your website.

Your obituaries will take on the look, feel, and colors for your website.

See our examples of how Obituary Assistant has been integrated into different websites.

Flower Sales, Memorial Trees

Users in the United States and Canada are paid commissions when visitors send flowers or plant trees in memory of loved ones. 

International users are paid commissions on memorial trees, Florist Links, and Useful Links.

Pet cremation facilities earn money on Useful Links. Flowers and memorial tress are removed for pet cremations.

Flower delivery is available in the United States and Canada.

Florist One, our parent company, handles aspects of flower orders including customer service.

Florist One has delivered over 1.5 million flower orders since 1999. They have worked with over 10% of the funeral homes in the United States.

Flowers are hand-delivered by a local florist.

You can choose who delivers your flowers from the 15,000 local florists we work with.

You can have a first and second choice, or alternate between florists. 

Florist selection is not done in the plugin. Please contact us to make your florist selections, or to inquire about available florists to choose from.

Ideally, Obituary Assistant offers flowers to your website visitors, which also maximizes revenue for the funeral home.

However, we realize that flower sales are not always desired. If you choose to disable flower sales, your commission rate on memorial trees planted is reduced. Learn more.

How much you earn depends on how many calls (services) you have, how promptly you add obituaries to your website, and if your funeral home primarily does cremations (cremations result in fewer sales). Many of our funeral homes earn hundreds of dollars a month.

Florist One partners with national and international tree planting organizations such as American Forests, Arbor Day, and the Canadian Institute of Forestry to plant memorial trees. More on our tree planting.

Obituary Assistant is free because it is paid for by revenue streams within the plugin.

If all revenue streams are removed from Obituary Assistant, payment is required in the form of monthly or annual subscription. Contact us for pricing.

You are paid monthly, on the 1st of the month, for the previous month’s commissions.

In the United States, you can choose to be paid by check or ACH.

In Canada, you can choose to be paid by cheque or email transfer.

International users are paid by PayPal.


If you are on WordPress, install our WordPress plugin.

If you are on any other website, install our JavaScript plugin. Follow specific instructions if you are on these website platforms: Squarespace, Wix, GoDaddy, Weebly.

Yes, we will import your obituaries for free.

If you are with a large funeral home software provider in the United States or Canada, we have programs that import your obituaries from the export files they send you.
For other users, we can import your obituaries when you provide us with a csv file or a spreadsheet.

Please ensure you have all of the obituaries you want to import when you make a request.

If you have questions about an import, please contact us.

Yes, the Obituary Assistant API lets you programmatically add obituaries.

When you sign up for Obituary Assistant, you receive a welcome email. If you need assistance with anything you can reply to that email.

Once logged into the Obituary Assistant Admin, there is a “Contact” link in the help section.

If you have not signed up for Obituary Assistant you can reach us through our contact page.

We pride ourselves on responsiveness and most often get back to you within a few hours. For urgent matters, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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