Obituary Assistant Features

Everything you need to create and manage obituaries.

Obituaries Made Easy

Add and manage obituaries online

Installs on any website in minutes

Obituaries fit seamlessly into the look and feel of your website

We import your existing obituaries into Obituary Assistant

Free and Earns You Money

Free to use and allows you to earn money through product sales and other revenue streams

Users in the United States and Canada are paid commissions on the sale of flowers and memorial trees

Users outside of North America and pet facilities are paid commissions on several revenue streams

Customize the products you offer to suit your needs

Learn more about revenue streams and products sold

Obituary Management Simplified

Add obituaries yourself or have families enter the obituary

Upload and manage photos, videos, and live streams

Customize an obituary with your background image or use one of ours

Add music to an obituary

Receive notifications when visitors add content

Approve condolences and visitor content manually or automatically

Your Visitors Can:

Enter obituaries for their loved one

Add photos and videos

Leave condolences, share memories, and light candles

Share obituaries via Facebook, Twitter, email, and text

Choose to receive notifications when condolences or photos are left by others

Get directions to services being held

Subscribe to receive notifications each time a new obituary is added to your site

Find obituaries easily using our “Search” feature

Customizations to Suit You

Choose which language your obituaries are displayed in

Show obituary snippets on your homepage in addition to your main obituaries page

QR codes on obituaries can be used in printed materials at funeral services

Who Can Benefit from Obituary Assistant

Used by more than 300 funeral homes around the world

Supports funeral homes with more than one location

Users also include pet cremation facilities, newspapers, and memorial websites

Technology You Can Trust

Obituaries are search engine friendly

Optimized for mobile

Your data is backed up daily

Support and a Proven Track Record

Trusted by funeral homes to manage obituaries for eight years

Our plugin has had 200 updates with new features and solutions

Receive responsive and timely assistance from a trusted technology partner with 20-years experience

Contact us for help with installation and support

Get Started!

Install Obituary Assistant to begin publishing obituaries and earning money. Have questions? Contact us.

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