Earn Money

Revenue Streams in Obituary Assistant

There is no cost to use Obituary Assistant. We pay you a commission on the sale of flowers, memorial trees planted, and other revenue streams in the plugin.


  • United States and Canada Users – Flower Delivery
    • Visitors can send flower arrangements that are hand-delivered by local florists in the United States and Canada
    • We pay you a commission on flower sales
    • You can choose your florists from the 15,000 we work with
    • Florist One, our parent company, handles all aspects of order fulfillment and customer service
    • We have delivered more than 1.5 million flower orders since 1999
    • We’ve been a trusted flower provider to 10% of the funeral homes in the United States
    • We grew out of a family florist business that started on Long Island, New York in 1959
    • Some of our founders are the third and fourth generation in their family to be in the flower business
    • We have decades of experience and we care about the flowers we deliver
  • International Users – “Florist Links”
    • We do not deliver flowers internationally
    • Local florists can pay a monthly fee to add a link to their website on the “Send Flowers” tab in the plugin and we pay you a commission on this revenue
Flowers in a Vase

Memorial Trees

  • Visitors can plant trees in memory of their loved one
  • We pay you a commission on trees planted
  • A tree planting certificate is provided to the sender and the family of the loved one
  • Trees are planted in the United States, Canada, and around the world
  • Our tree planting partners include: Arbor Day, American Forests, and the Canadian Institute of Forestry
  • About Our Partners
    •  American Forests: Since 1875, American Forests has funded more than 1,000 forest restoration projects in every state, and has planted 65 million trees
    • Arbor Day: The Arbor Day Foundation has planted and distributed nearly 500 million trees in more than 50 countries around the world
    • Canadian Institute of Forestry: Founded in 1908, it’s the oldest forest society in Canada—it supports reforestation projects in all provinces

Useful Links for International and Pet Cremation

  • A “Useful Links” tab link in the plugin allows local businesses and companies to link their websites
  • Businesses can pay a monthly fee to list themselves on this tab
  • Useful Links appears on international and pet cremation installations of Obituary Assistant

US and Canada

  • You earn a 15% commission on flower sales and memorial trees planted
  • If flower sales are removed, you earn a 5% commission on memorial trees


You earn a 15% commission revenue from:

Each revenue stream above that is removed reduces your commission by 5%.

Pet Cremation Facilities

You earn a 10% commission on “Useful Links”.

Flower sales and memorial trees are not offered for pet cremation facilities.

Customize Which Products Are Offered – Removing Revenue Streams

Products offered in your installation of Obituary Assistant can be customized to suit your needs.

If a product is removed, it will reduce the commission rate on products offered.

If all products are removed, a monthly or annual fee is charged. Contact us for pricing.

Commission Payments

We pay commissions on the first of the month when commissions have reached the $150 threshold.

Commissions in the United States and Canada are paid by check, ACH, email money transfer, or Paypal.

International commissions are paid by PayPal.

Tree Certificate